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Alabama Fraud and Securities Fraud Lawyer in Birmingham – Lanny Vines and Associates

Alabama securities fraud lawyer Lanny Vines in Birmingham is an experienced legal professional with the resources to thoroughly pursue your case. Whether you have been the victim of a dishonest stock broker who took part in securities fraud, or have experienced other kinds of fraud that involve deceptive practices, Alabama fraud lawyer Lanny Vines and the other legal professionals at his Birmingham office are experienced in investigating and identifying different forms of fraud and holding the perpetrators accountable.

If you think you may have been a victim of fraud, contact securities fraud lawyer Lanny Vines in Birmingham to discuss your case.

Securities Fraud

Alabama securities fraud lawyer Lanny Vines in Birmingham has a superior understanding of the laws that are meant to protect public investors. If your stockbroker has recommended risky investments without fully explaining the risks involved, made trades without your authorization, or excessively traded your account, you may be a victim of securities fraud. Securities fraud victims can be put into severe financial difficulty when their stockbrokers make decisions about investments without the authorization of the investor. Many times, these stockbrokers make risky, short-term decisions when investing funds meant for a conservative, long-term strategy.

Many victims of securities fraud simply do not know the actions of their stockbrokers until it is too late. Lanny Vines and Associates can determine if you have been the victim of securities fraud and – if you have – will fight to see that you recover the losses incurred from your stockbroker's unlawful acts. Even after the losses occur, there is a legal remedy that allows investors to recover funds lost because of a stockholder's misrepresentation or abuse of a client's account. Alabama securities fraud lawyer Lanny Vines in Birmingham diligently protects your rights and works to recover funds lost because of a stockbroker's wrongful acts.

Consumers are protected by federal securities laws which declare it unlawful to make any material misstatement or omission of fact in connection with securities investments. A misstatement includes false statements or mischaracterizations made about a particular security or security issuer. Misstatements may also include exaggerations concerning a business's prospects or claims of special information regarding companies held by the stockbroker or brokerage firm.

If you have been the victim of securities fraud, it's important that you contact a proven securities fraud lawyer who knows the laws regarding this type of case and can successfully deal with brokerage firms to regain your funds. Contact Lanny Vines & Associates to speak with an experienced Alabama securities fraud lawyer in Birmingham about your case.

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Fraud is a criminal act using deception that is carried out for personal gain. Perpetrators of fraud may deceive their victims to, usually, gain property or services from them unjustly. Types of fraud can include internet fraud, false advertising, and identity theft, among others. If you believe you may have been the victim of fraud, contact Alabama fraud lawyer Lanny Vines to discuss your case.

False Advertising

False advertising involves deliberately misleading a potential customer or client about a product or service. Negligent companies may provide false and misleading information, promotional materials, or data, about their products. False advertising is a crime. In the United States the Federal Trade Commission enforces “truth in advertising” rules that regulate the industry. False advertising can include hidden fees and surcharges, false rebates and going out of business sales, inflated price comparisons, perpetual “sales”, and other misleading techniques. If you believe you have purchased a product through false advertising or other deceptive practices, contact Alabama fraud lawyer Lanny Vines in Birmingham to discuss your case.

Internet Fraud

Unfortunately, scam artists and other criminals have found ways to manipulate the global marketplace that is the internet. Perpetrators carry out many of the same scams that were once conducted by mail and phone. With the advent of online internet auctions and other e-businesses, it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between reputable online retailers and other service providers and those who use the internet to commit crimes. Internet criminals may also use chat rooms, e-mail, and message boards. Further, the rapid communication capabilities of the internet allow fraudulent emails and personal information to be sent around the world in seconds. If you believe you may have been the victim of internet fraud, Alabama fraud lawyer Lanny Vines will work to help hold the perpetrators responsible and recover your funds.

Identity Theft

Identify theft occurs when a person's information is acquired in order to assume that person's identity in relation to credit card applications, purchases, and other financial dealings. By wrongfully obtaining the names, addresses, birth dates, social security numbers, and bank account numbers of their victims, thieves may even use this information to perform such serious financial dealings as loan applications. Victims of identity theft experience financial hardships related to their ruined credit, and many other problems. Alabama fraud lawyer Lanny Vines helps victims of identity theft regain their credit rating and hold identity thieves accountable for the crimes they have committed.

If you believe you may have been the victim of identity theft, contact the law offices of Lanny Vines and Associates today to discuss your case.

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