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Birmingham, Alabama Personal Injury Attorney Lanny Vines Answers FAQs

An experienced and compassionate personal injury lawyer can be hard to find.  Serving the Montgomery, Birmingham, and all of Alabama, personal injury attorney Lanny Vines is experienced in all types of personal injury cases and can help you obtain compensation for your injuries.  Whether you have been injured in a car accident, in a slip-and-fall accident, or because of medical malpractice, the lawyers at Lanny Vines & Associates, LLC can help.  An Alabama personal injury attorney from our firm can help you recover compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

How do I know whether I have a personal injury case?

In order to pursue a personal injury claim, you must prove that you have suffered a physical or mental injury due to the negligence of another person.  This injury could be sustained in a car or truck accident, in a premises liability accident, in an aviation accident, because of exposure to toxic substances, or in any number of other types of situations.  To consult with our Birmingham personal injury attorney about the specifics of your case, contact Lanny Vines & Associates, LLC today.

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What is pain and suffering?

Pain and suffering is a term used to describe the negative physical and mental ramifications of being injured.  Generally, compensation for pain and suffering can be awarded to victims who have suffered broken bones, discomfort that wasn't present before their injuries, anxiety, depression, mental illness, soft tissue damage, or physical disability.  Because insurance companies tend to offer lowball pain and suffering settlements, it is important to consult our Alabama personal injury attorney about your case.  We have the resources to bring a lawsuit against insurance companies who refuse to offer a fair settlement.  

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How much monetary compensation am I entitled to?

The amount of monetary compensation that you can receive after being injured in an accident varies.  Victims are generally entitled to receive compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, injury-related expenses, property damage, and pain and suffering.  Monetary compensation may be awarded above and beyond medical bills and property damage in some cases.  It is important to have a knowledgeable personal injury attorney who can help you navigate the legal system and obtain the most compensation possible. 

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How long will it take for my case to be settled?

Although there is no way to determine how long it will take to settle your personal injury case, attorney Lanny Vines will work hard to bring your case to a conclusion in a timely and efficient manner.  How long this process takes depends on several things.  The cooperation of the insurance company and the extent of your injuries are both things to take into consideration when thinking about a timeline. 

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Do I really need to hire an attorney?

In personal injury cases, it is imperative to hire a skilled attorney who can get you positive results.  You are entitled to receive ample compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other expenses.  Unfortunately, insurance companies and corporations will try to take advantage of you by offering lowball settlements.  Having an experienced personal injury attorney will help you to collect the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries. 

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Contact Our Montgomery-Area Personal Injury Attorney

If you live in the Montgomery, Birmingham, or elsewhere in Alabama and require a skilled personal injury attorney, contact Lanny Vines & Associates, LLC today.  We have the skills and resources necessary to go after big insurance companies and help you secure the compensation you deserve after being the victim of an accident. 

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