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Insurance Bad Faith Attorney in Birmingham, Alabama

An insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurer. In that contract, it is the responsibility of the insurer to act in “good faith.” This means they are obligated to pay lawful and reasonable claims from the insured party. If an insurance company wrongfully denies a claim, they are committing “bad faith.” Unfortunately, there is an enormous financial incentive for insurance companies to deny reasonable claims and commit bad faith. Only a small percentage of insured people whose claims are denied challenge their insurance companies' assertions.

Insurance bad faith attorney Lanny Vines in Birmingham, Alabama wants his potential clients to know their rights when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. If your insurance company has failed to promptly investigate a claim, unreasonably denied benefits to a claim, failed to investigate a claim promptly, or has changed the meaning of a policy by imposing unreasonable interpretations on its language, you may be the victim of a bad faith insurance provider. By choosing an experienced insurance bad faith attorney, you can protect yourself against this abuse. The professionals in our Birmingham, Alabama office are experienced in insurance bad faith law and fight to see that clients are treated fairly by insurance companies.

Many people who have their claim denied by an insurance company commit ting bad faith can experience physical, financial and emotional hardships as a result. For example, an insured person may be involved in a serious car accident and their insurance company could refuse to pay for medical bills, or someone may have lost a loved one and the life insurance policy is not being fulfilled by a bad faith insurer. These cases, and many others, can put strains on insured people and their families that can affect their health and well being and put them in debt or even bankruptcy. Don't let an insurance company deny you and your family your rights. Insurance companies practicing bad faith count on people to not challenge their illegal claim rejections. Insurance bad faith attorney Lanny Vines in Birmingham, Alabama has the resources and skill to challenge big insurance companies and see that you receive your claim.

Contact insurance bad faith attorney Lanny Vines in Birmingham, Alabama today if you believe your insurance company is practicing bad faith.

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