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Answers to FAQs from Our Birmingham, Alabama Cerebral Palsy and Birth Injury Lawyers

If your child has suffered a birth injury as a result of the negligence of medical professionals, our Birmingham, Alabama cerebral palsy and birth injury lawyers can help.  Because most birth injuries can be prevented, these unfortunate events often serve as grounds for lawsuits. Lanny Vines & Associates, LLC has extensive experience in litigating all types of birth injury cases.  To secure a positive outcome to your case, it is important to seek skilled legal representation when filing a medical malpractice or birth injury claim. 

Our attorneys have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand your claim.  If you have further questions regarding your particular case, don’t hesitate to contact Lanny Vines & Associates, LLC in Birmingham, Alabama to speak with our team of cerebral palsy and birth injury lawyers today.

What are some common types of birth injuries?

Birth injuries are, unfortunately, not uncommon.  Whenever a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional fails to provide sufficient medical care before, during, and after birth, he or she may be held responsible for causing a birth injury.  One of the most common types of birth injuries is cerebral palsy.  Other common birth injuries include Erb's palsy, shoulder dystocia, facial paralysis, fractures, cephalohematoma (bleeding that occurs underneath the skull), and caput succedaneum (severe swelling or bruising of a baby's head).  Contact the Birmingham, Alabama cerebral palsy and birth injury lawyers at Lanny Vines & Associates, LLC today if your child has suffered due to the negligence of a medical professional. 

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How can I tell whether my child has cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy is usually recognized between the ages of two and three, although some babies might show developmental disabilities much sooner.  If your child displays any of the following signs, you should contact our Alabama cerebral palsy injury lawyers to determine if you have a case.  Signs of cerebral palsy include:

  • Struggling with fine motor skills.
  • The inability to sit upright.
  • Uncontrollable muscle spasms.
  • The inability to hold the head up.
  • Weakened facial muscles and drooling.

Depending on the type and degree of cerebral palsy that your child has, he or she may be responsive to a number of treatments, including medication, physical therapy, speech therapy, the use of crutches or a wheel chair, and specialized care from a caregiver.  To discuss the possibility of filing a lawsuit against a negligent doctor, nurse, or hospital, contact our Birmingham birth injury lawyers today.

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What should I look for when hiring a birth injury attorney?

It is important to choose a team of birth injury lawyers who have prior experience in litigating all types of birth injury cases, including those involving cerebral palsy.  Your attorneys should have the monetary backing to pursue a lawsuit against a large corporation such as a hospital or an insurance company.  For reliable and aggressive legal representation in Alabama, Lanny Vines & Associates, LLC is the clear choice.  Contact our cerebral palsy injury lawyers for more information about the specifics of your case.

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Contact Our Birth Injury Lawyers Today

The attorneys at Lanny Vines & Associates, LLC provide skilled and compassionate legal representation to victims of medical negligence.  We can help you obtain compensation for your child's injuries, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.  For a free initial consultation at our office in Birmingham, Alabama concerning your medical malpractice, cerebral palsy, or birth injury case, contact the lawyers at Lanny Vines & Associates, LLC today

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